Young Woman Saved from the Clutches of Death

A 37-year-old woman came into RBH Emergency with pain in the chest since that morning. She collapsed in the emergency room and the doctor found her to have ventricular tachycardia. Immediately CPR was done and in 15-20 minutes, the team succeeded in reviving the patient. But the ECG again showed a heart attack. Her BP was not recordable and the lungs were full of blood (pulmonary edema). She was still unconscious and her heart was working only 20%. She was immediately shifted to Cath lab and there it was found that her main artery was 100% blocked.

Immediately primary angioplasty (stenting) was performed and she was shifted to ICCU on balloon pump (IABP) support and ventilator support. She was fighting between life and death.

She regained consciousness 24 hours after the episode but continued to be on life support systems. No one knew whether she would survive. But because of her will power, prayers of relatives and the excellent care provided by ICCU and critical care staff, she showed improvements every day. Finally, she was fit enough to be discharged and left the hospital on her own feet, leaving everyone happy and proud.


A case by Dr. Sunil Beniwal




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