Dear Dr. Suresh Gupta,

I am writing to tell you how grateful we are that you were the doctor assigned to us when we suffered last month.

The competency of you was quite inspiring. I wanted to thank you for my mother in her last days. Seeing her in such a state was certainly not easy for me but your kind, gentle, knowledgeable treatment and your staff help us get it through.

Please know how much i appreciate your help.

Dear Team Members,

We can’t thank you enough your Nursing Skills are second to none. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for taking care of my mother.

Special Thanks to:

Do. Arun, do. Suchandra, the physician, the dieticians and all nursing staff – Swati, Archana, Vijendra, Chandrabhanu, Janbi, Manju, Tintu, Anita, Durga, Priyanka (Receptionist ), Mr. Pandey (Security).

Thank you so much.


My mother & my family

Devendra Singh Rathore