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Common Foods Items That Can Raise Your Heart Attack Risks

Cardiovascular or heart diseases are the leading cause of death in India, claiming more than 1.7 million of life every year. But why more and more Indians are falling victim to these conditions, and how can we improve our chances against this looming threat. Well, according to one of the best general Surgeon in Jaipur, the answer is in your diet.

The FDA recommends that you should consume less than 10% of your daily calories from added sugar and oils. However, most of us are consuming way more, which isn’t great for the heart. It causes the arteries in your heart to get narrow and also increases blood pressure. In short, you might be eating away your life without even realizing it.

But that’s the least of your worries. Certain food types drastically increase therisk of heart diseases. The Best heart hospital in Jaipur has stated that consuming high saturated fats put you at the risk of a heart attack.

So if you want your heart to be healthy for the year to come, you have to keep some food items away from you. Read on to know which food items you should avoid keeping your heart healthy. There are more than a few:

Fast Foods: Aptly known as junk foods, fast food items like burger and fries not only make you obese but also weaken your heart. These foods items are loaded with unsaturated fats and carbs. So the more you eat, the higher your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are going to be. 

High blood cholesterol levels cause blockage in arteries, leading to a heart attack or even stroke. You can try to cut down on fast food items or replace them with food made in saturated fats such as vegetable oils. 

Baked & fried goods: Baked goods have double the fats, plus an abundance of sugar. Besides, conventional frying creates Trans fats and raises cholesterol while lowering the levels of nutrients. It gradually offers no nutritional benefits and might contain hydrogenated shortenings. 

Some of the best heart hospital in Jaipur have linked these food items to an increased risk of heart diseases. An easy way to add healthy fat to your diet is to use olive oil or coconut oil while preparing your food.

Soda or carbonated drinks: In India, the largest sources of added sugar are not food items but are carbonated drinks. They can do a lot of damage to your health and your heart and offers no benefits whatsoever. Regular soda consumption triggers a spike in insulin, which leads to weight gain, metabolic problems and serious health disorders. 

The added sugar in them only adds to the health problems, causing inflammation and adiposity. So the next time you feel a craving for soda, go for a glass of sparkling water, fresh juice or even a smoothie. 

Pizza: Cheese, the main ingredient in Pizza, has the highest levels of fats than any other food. On top of that, it also has high sodium content and unhealthy toppings. All of these usually gets stored in your body as belly fat and wreak havoc on your heart’s health. However, you can allow yourself an indulgence once in a while.

Rather than eating a whole pizza by yourself, stick to just one or two occasional slices. You can also add a healthy salad as a side to increase your fibre intake and prevent the bad cholesterol from going up.

Processed meats: Processed meats are preserved using salt or added preservatives and have high levels of fats. Even the ones with low fats contain about 250 mg of sodium per slice which is half of the daily recommended levels. What’s worrisome is that they are high in Trans fats and offer the worst possible nutritional profile.

Some of the best general Surgeon in Jaipur recommend adding lean protein options such as poultry, fish and eggs in your daily diet. They are not only a great source of nutrients but also contain no cholesterol.

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