Department of Pulmonology and Critical Care

Respiratory diseases and pulmonary conditions are on the rise in the world today with lung infections increasingly affecting all age groups. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is fast evolving as a major killer. So is ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection). Lung Cancer has also becoming increasingly common and is affecting people at an early age. Pulmonary tuberculosis and asthma have emerged as similar threats to the modern world.

RBH’ team of specialists are well trained in treating and curing most respiratory diseases. They help keep Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Asthma and COPD under check with medication and periodical checkups. Pulmonary disorders, particularly COPD can be partially cured with inhale therapy that helps to keep the ailment under control. However, to remain healthy, one should stop the consumption of tobacco in any form and keep contact with a competent physician when there are mild symptoms of cough and cold even before the breathing distress sets in.

Speciality Doctors

Dr. Rakesh Godara
Dr. Rakesh Godara

Consultant - Pulmonology and Critical Care Medicine

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World Asthma day Celebration

World Asthma day Celebration

7th May, 2019

On the occasion of World Asthma Day, CK Birla hospital RBH organised an In-house ...

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