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  • Rukmani Birla Hospital,Gopalpura Bypass Road, Near Triveni Bridge,Gopalpura,Jaipur – 302018.
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The Department of Pediatrics at RBH aims to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents by recognising the needs of those between 0 and 17 years of age.

The Department provides children with easy access to the best of paediatric facilities and services. It blends clinical care with research-based knowledge to ensure that the stars of tomorrow continue to burn bright as ever.

The Department provides cutting edge technology and expertise through a plethora of paediatric services.

  • Intensive Care and High Dependency Beds
  • Provision to ventilate children using Servo-I Ventilators
  • Multi-parameter monitors for Invasive and Non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring as well as CVP
  • Brochoscopy, bedside EEG, ECHO, Peritoneal and Haemodialysis, SLED
  • Intensive Care and Isolation Beds with provision to ventilate babies
  • Most advanced and sophisticated equipment for proper monitoring of neonates like warmers and incubators
  • Advanced LED Phototherapy Units, Bili blankets, IBP Monitoring, etc.
  • Management of Premature Neonates
  • Management of patients with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Birth Asphyxia, Respiration Distress and other complicated diseases
  • Advanced procedures including High Frequency Ventilation, Invasive Monitoring and Exchange Transfusion
  • Cardiology Referral Services
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Developmental Follow-up

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Normally baby sleeps for about 18-20 hours per day and they suck mother’s breast mostly even during sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to latch your baby even if he is in sleep.

There are many reasons for crying a baby.

  • Baby is hungry.
  • Baby is wet.
  • Inner lining of clothes is irritating to baby.
  • Baby is having nasal blocked.

Therefore, it is advisable to feed your baby well, check diapers frequently, use nasal saline, give tummy time and comfort to your baby. Check clothes and finally if not all above measures work consult your pediatrician.

Ideally, vaccination should be on time. Delay of 4-5 days is OK but if vaccination of your baby is delayed, you should get him vaccinated at the earliest.

No, most of the times premature babies cover-up like most of the term babies by the age of 1 year. However, if they are not nourished properly they are more prone to infections. Premature babies are generally of low birth weight and they should be nursed in a good NICU set-up in initial few days under the supervision of a qualified neonatologist, pediatrician and nurses.

We start complementary feeding by the age of 6 months. During initial days by the age of 6 months. During initial days, babies are reluctant to take feed because they know how to suck but they do not know how to swallow; so it takes some time to train themselves for feeding. Regular monitoring of weight, height and head circumferences is necessary for estimate of adequate growth.

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