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  • Rukmani Birla Hospital,Gopalpura Bypass Road, Near Triveni Bridge,Gopalpura,Jaipur – 302018.
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The nervous system is the most complex organ system in the body, with majority of the complexities residing in the brain. The human brain alone contains around one hundred billion neurons and one hundred trillion synapses. The Department of Neurosciences at RBH has a team of highly qualified Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Neuro Psychologists and Psychiatrists. They are assisted in their work by a team of Neuro-Radiologists, Rehabilitation Specialists, Dieticians and Lifestyle Counsellors and a dedicated Neuro-lntensive Care team. The dedicated Stroke Clinic which specialises in the field of spine & brain surgeries makes RBH one of the most advanced centres of Neurosciences in Jaipur.

Know More About:
  • Neurology
  • Neuro Radiology
  • Neuro-Surgery
  • Neuro Physiology
  • Other Services
  • Stroke Clinic Thrombolysis facilities
  • Neuro-lntensive Care Unit
  • Stroke/TIA clinics
  • Movement Disorders Clinic
  • Epilepsy Clinic
  • Headache Clinic
  • Cerebral and Spinal Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)
  • Endovascular treatment
  • 3.0 Tesla silent wide bore MRI
  • 128 Spiral CT scan
  • Cranial Doppler studies
  • Dedicated Operation Theatres and Neuro-Anaesthetists
  • Neurosurgery/Neurology Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Cerebrovascular Surgery
  • Surgery for Brain Tumour
  • Paediatric Neurosurgery
  • Spine Surgery
  • Comprehensive Trauma Management
  • EEG including Long-term video monitoring
  • Neuro Critical Care
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Neuro – Anaesthesia
  • Neuro – lntensive Care
  • Neuro – Pathology


Neurology Service provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care for all the neurological disorders including:

  • Management of acute brain stroke with clot-busting medicine and devices
  • Comprehensive care for acute epileptic disorders, investigations, and care of chronic epileptic disorders.
  • Diagnosis and Management of acute and chronic paralysis due to myasthenia gravis, polyneuropathy and spinal cord disease by plasmapheresis and immunotherapy
  • Comprehensive care of movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, parkinsonism, dystomas, tremors, tics and Watson’s disease, etc.
  • Treatment with botox for dystonia’s, spasticity and chronic migraine
  • The core of Presurgical and post-surgical management and programming of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease and dysiomas.
  • Multidisciplinary management of multiple sclerosis.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic headaches.
  • Multidisciplinary management of vertigo, dizziness
  • Diagnosis and care of dementia of all types including caregiving program
  • Diagnosis, rehabilitation and management and counseling of ataxias.

Every one in six persons has a stroke in his/her lifetime. As it could happen to anyone, why take a chance and wait for the worst to happen? Know the symptoms and act fast before it gets too late. Look out for face drooping at one side, weakness or numbness in the arm and slurred speech. Do not wait, rush to the RBH 24×7 Stroke Centre where a team of expert intensivists, stroke specialists and neurosurgeons will offer the right treatment at the right time.

Major Surgeries


The Department of Neurosurgery is manned by leading neurosurgeons and is equipped with the latest equipment i.e., microscope, Endoscope, CUSA, to…


Neurology Service provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care for all the neurological disorders including…

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