Medical Specialities

The nervous system is the most complex organ system in the body, with most of the complexities residing in the brain. The human brain alone around one hundred billion neurons and one hundred trillion synapses.

The Department of Neurosciences at RBH has a team of highly qualified Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Neuro Psychologists. They are assisted in their work by an array of Neuro-Radiologists, Rehabilitation Specialists, Dieticians and Lifestyle Counsellors and a dedicated Neuro-Intensive Care team. The dedicated Stroke Clinic which specialises in the field of spinal & brain surgeries makes RBH one of the most advanced centres of Neurosciences in Jaipur.


Neurology Neuro Surgery Neuro CriticalCare Neuro Rehabilitation Neoru-Anaesthesia Neuro-intensive Care Neuro-Radiology Neuro-Pathology


STROKE CLINIC Thrombolysis facilities Neuro-intensive Care Unit Stroke/TIA clinics Movement Disorders Clinic Epilepsy Clinic Headache Clinic


Cerebral and Spinal Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) Endovascular treatment 0 Tesia sient wide bore MRI 128 Spiral CT scan Cranical Doppler…

Neuro Physiology

EEG Including Long-term video monitoring NCV | EMS | EVP

24×7 RBH Stroke Clinic

Every one in six persons will have a stroke in his/her lifetime. It could happen to anyone. Why take a chance and wait for the worst to happen? Know the symsptom…

Speciality Doctors

DR.Arun Chahar

Consultant – Psychiatry(mental health and quality of life)

DR. Kapil Khandelwal

Associate Consultant- Neurology

DR.Ruchir Sodhani


DR.Surendra Khosya

Associate Consultant