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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine also known as General Medicine in Commonwealth countries is the medical specialty that comprises of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult health problems. Physicians that specialize in internal medicine are popularly termed as internists in Commonwealth countries. Internists manage patients with multi-system or undifferentiated diseases and care for ambulatory and hospitalized patients. Internists also play a vital role in research and teaching.

At RBH, a range of general healthcare specialities from simple to complex treatments contribute to advanced research and study of internal medicine. Intricate problems relevant to internal medicine in the Emergency, OPD, and ICU are dealt with on an everyday basis. Internists at RBH primarily take care of adult patients suffering from problems which include pain, Infectious diseases, fever, cold, cough, diabetes, Immunological diseases, hypertension, Neoplastic ailments, connective tissue disorders, patients feeling unwell or unconscious. The operations of the Department are in adherence with international protocols.

Treatments And Measures
  • Treatment of infectious ailments like tuberculosis, gastro enteritis, malaria and typhoid
  • Investigations, risk assessment of diseases and management
  • General illnesses like allergies, headaches, flu and cold, sore throat, ear infection, hepatitis and urinary tract infection
  • Treatment of chronic and acute illnesses like pneumonia, asthma, digestive disorders and lung disorders
  • Health check for adults, including diabetics
  • Management of lifestyle health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders
  • Management of chronic health issues like metabolic syndrome, obesity and lipid disorders
  • Pre-operative analysis and supervision of patients undertaking surgeries
  • Treatment of the geriatric patients

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