Institute of Ortho Sciences

It is such a common occurrence that sometimes severe pain in joints, shoulders or back completely detain people from regular activities and they are in need of immediate help. The body sends SOS for immediate follow up on the problem, which are mostly ignored. But, why do that? When there is a choice for a pain free life, why not avail it? At RBH’s Department of Bone and Joint, a team of experts addresses your healthcare concerns. The Department recognises the effects of a failing musculoskeletal system and decides on the right clinical care. Health hazards like arthritis, fractures, lower back pain, osteoporosis and shoulder pain find effective remedies and relief.

Through modern Orthopaedic management services, the team of efficient doctors do their best to bring patients back to a normal lifestyle. The treatment may take time or can be resolved in days depending on the intensity of the problem. However, the period of confinement is most certainly short lived with the correct treatment. The results are mostly significant with rehabilitation that enhances the body strength and improves the blood circulation. With positive effects from the treatment, a patient gets a new life to explore.

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The treatments conducted under Bone and Joint Department of RBH are: Joint Replacement Minimally Invasive Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery Computer...

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