High-risk Case of Aortic Dissection Managed Successfully

Aorta is the main artery which supplies blood to the whole body from the heart. In dissection, blood enters in between layers of this main vessel and travels down towards legs. If not managed in time, mortality is very high.

A patient was admitted at CK Birla Hospitals RBH with complaints of excruciating tearing, pain in abdomen with uncontrolled BP around 250/120. During the investigation, the CT scan showed Acute Aortic Dissection. The cardiac team performed Debranching (as there was hardly any landing zone between subclavian &left carotid artery)f/b TEVR (Thoracic Endovascular Repair) procedure via the femoral artery. In this procedure, a big aortic stent graft (a type of stent with Nitin oil coating to bear the pressure of Aorta blood flow)was placed across the dissected flap to seal the leak. Crossing through the torn Aorta to reach the safe landing zone was a big task and the challenge was compounded by the narrow gap between left subclavian & dissection flap and the narrow landing zone. Only few Cardiac Center’s in Rajasthan are capable of performing this procedure. Post-procedure, the patient became asymptomatic and was discharged with a smile on his and his family’s faces. Post-discharge follow up showed good results.

A case by Dr. Rudradev Pandey 


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