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Reasons For Growing Demand For General Surgeons in India

  • Endocrine system
  • The heart and blood vessels
  • Hormones and glands
  • Treatment of cancer  that includes surgical removal
  • Accident and traumatic injuries
  • Head and neck injury
  • Digestive tract
  • Esophagus
  • Abdomen

What to expect from a general surgeon

A general surgeon firstly evaluates the physical condition of the patient. Then the doctor also asks several questions related to the patient’s health. Based on the questions and after evaluating the physical condition of the patient the doctor then goes with the next set of procedures that includes

  • Different tests according to the requirement
  • Surgical procedure if required any
  • Required medications
  • Preoperative and post-operative care
  • Appropriate diet or nutrition for faster recovery

 Why is there a need for a general surgeon?

 General surgeons play a vital role in emergency situations when specialist doctors are not available. In cases such as accident or trauma, emergency surgery is required and general surgeons help to save lives in such cases. Further, specialists are not always available and not all the hospital in rural and urban areas have specialist 24 hours. General surgeons are in much demand for such reasons. Military doctors are also general surgeons as they need a doctor who are well aware of the entire body so that they can cure any part of the body in cases like accidents and trauma. Special training is provided for advanced trauma surgery before a general surgeon is appointed as a doctor in the military.

Common procedures performed by a general surgeon

A general surgeon is capable enough to perform any surgical procedure and treat diseases. He has full knowledge about the body inside and out. Some of the surgical procedures performed by a general surgeon are

  • Esophageal surgery: Esophagus is a crucial part of the body, whatever we eat or drink goes through the esophagus. There are several diseases or problems that need immediate surgery such as acid reflux, excision of an esophageal lesion, and esophagectomy.
  • Gastroenterology procedures: There are a lot of Gastrointestinal disorders (GI) that require immediate attention. Most of the surgeries performed for gastric problems such as gastric bypass surgery, upper GI endoscopy, and liver biopsy are done by general surgeons.
  • Gall bladder removal: Cholecystectomy or gall bladder removal is required to when there is a digestive-related problem or gall stones.
  • Thyroid removal: The thyroid gland is responsible for making hormones and there are certain defects that might cause problems and require surgery.
  • Wound Repair:  Accidents or trauma cause several kinds of injuries that need immediate surgery. In the military, wound repair treatment is required more often, therefore general surgeons play a vital role in saving lives in such conditions.

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