Parents going back to school – Parenting session at RBH

RBH had conducted a session on Parenting on 25th November, 2017 at Pearson school Jaipur led by Dr.Arun Chahar, Consultant Psychiatry (mental health and quality of life). The session started with importance on positive parenting in today’s competitive era to ensure psychological, neurological and behavioral development of a child. Dr.Arun Chahar said that the time and society is changing rapidly and to adjust and adopt these changes good parenting plays a very crucial role. He also shared the common mistakes made by the parents unknowingly while rearing children, their impact and how to correct them. He had also spoken on how to handle issues like gadget addiction, tantrums, conduct disorders, achieving best academic performance, discipline, bonding between child and parents, accepting and adjusting to the nature’s rules by involving positive parenting. The doctor stressed on developing life – coping skills by allowing the children to experience adversity rather than clearing their path to make their life easy. He also requested the parents to share “Quality Time” with their child which is the non-negotiable need for the overall development of their child and nobody else can compensate for the same.