National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week was launched by Food and Nutrition Board of Ministry of India. 1St -7th September is celebrated as Nutrition Week, but now it is celebrated as “Poshan Maah”

Govt.of India has Launched POSHAN (Prime Minister overarching scheme for holistic nourishment) Abhiyaan, to address malnutrition) Both Under and Over nutrition) challenges in India. the goal of POSHAN ABHIYAN is to achieve improvement in nutritional status of children 0-6 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers in a theme bound manner.

Five theme of Poshan Abhiyaan 2019

  • First 1000 days of life.
  • Anemia mukt Bharat.
  • Prevention and timely treatment of diarrhea
  • Poushtik Aahar
  • Practicing personal hygiene and handwashing.

CK Birla HospitalsRBH celebrated the Nutritional week around the theme for 2019.

1St Day activity: Nutrition awareness session was organized in OBS& GYNAE OPD, focusing on POSHAN MAAH theme by chief dietician of the hospital Priti Vijay.

2nd Day activity: An awareness session was conducted in the first half with the security team of the hospital focusing on the healthy eating habits and balanced diet.

3rd Day activity: On the 3rd day of the week an open session in the main lobby of the hospital was organized for the visitors. Ms. Priti Vijay spoke on many myths and facts and encouraged the audience to follow the basic steps required for a healthy eating habits.

4th Day activity: One of the interesting activity was the Iron rich recipe competition for the hospital staff to spread the awareness regarding anemia.

5th Day activity: Hospital had planned a corporate event with Reliance Jio Limited. An awareness talk around the theme was done with the staff.

6th Day: One more interesting session was conducted with the hospital staff on the tea time.

7th Day: Priti Vijay conducted an interactive session with the house keeping team and made them aware about the importance of good nutrition for the overall well-being.