Increased smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are the leading causes of Stroke in 80% of the patients in Asia

Stroke is a serious debilitating condition which can lead to paralysis. Every 44 seconds worldwide, a person gets a Stroke attack. In a year, around 7 lakh people are affected by Stroke. According to the latest data, every 3 minutes a person dies worldwide. Stroke is third cause of death worldwide after Cancer and Heart attack. In India, the second cause of death among 60 year old people is Stroke. It is a surprising fact that 80% of Stroke affected individuals are from Asia and 20% are people from the west. According to Dr. Suresh Gupta of CK Birla Hospitals RBH, people of the western countries are aware about their health condition and take precautionary measures such as balanced diets and regular physical activity. He also said that alcohol and smoking has reduced in these countries. To know more details on the article, click on the link below: