Hand Hygiene Reinforcement Drive – Dance Video

The month of December 2017 was dedicated to the reinforcement of Hand Hygiene at CK Birla hospitals RBH, Jaipur. There were a series of activities conducted across the hospital by the Infection Control Team to create a hand hygiene movement and contribute to the patient safety climate at RBH.

The surprise of the culmination ceremony was the Hand hygiene Dance Video conceptualized, choreographed and shot by infection control team.This dance video was released in the awards and recognition ceremony for the hospital staff viewing. This took lot of staff by surprise as this had been a sudden activity undertaken by the Infection control team where the entire Hospital – team-nursing, technicians, GDAs and even doctors had come forward to participate in the video and had shown their commitment for the Hand hygiene Movement at RBH.

Music courtesy- Shape of you Ed Sheeran Ft. Mumbai Raga