Epilepsy is treatable. RBH observes National Epilepsy Day

On the occasion of National Epilepsy Day, 17th November 2017, CK Birla Hospitals RBH conducted an awareness programme led by Dr.Anjani Kumar Sharma, Director – Neurology and his team Dr.Surendra Khosya and Dr.Kapil Khandelwal . The event was held at the main lobby of the hospital. Dr. Anjani Sharma started with a brief description about Epilepsy and focused on the important points which needed to be taken into consideration while dealing with Epilepsy. He explained that Epilepsy is always associated with a long -term risk of recurrent seizures which may occur in various forms depending on the person’s age and part of the brain involved. Later, Dr. Surendra Khosya made the audience aware about Epilepsy by talking about its causes, symptoms, treatment, myths and facts along with common DO’s and DON’Ts. With regards to treatment, Dr.Kapil highlighted that epilepsy is a treatable disorder and a person can lead a normal life, provided the treatment starts at the right time and followed regularly as per the doctor’s instructions. He said that the most commonly used facilities in treatment are CT, MRI and EEG. The doctors also insisted that immediate steps be taken in case someone experiences seizures. Firstly, make the patient comfortable by making him lie down on one side, open the airway and maintain proper ventilation. Remember to avoid feeding or placing any object in the mouth. Lastly, the doctors had advised the audience to stop believing in the myths associated with Epilepsy as it causes problems towards an effective management.