Hand Hygiene Reinforcement Drive

The month of December 2017 was dedicated to the reinforcement of Hand Hygiene at CK Birla hospitals RBH, Jaipur. There were a series of activities conducted across the hospital by the Infection Control Team to create a hand hygiene movement and contribute to the patient safety climate at RBH.

The first activity of the month was the Golden Hands Campaign. Golden hands cut – outs from glitter paper were handed over to the staff compliant to World Health Organization’s 5 moments of Hand Hygiene. This was a reward system through peers with doctors distributing Golden Hands to compliant staff inclusive of nurses, technicians, dietitians, physiotherapists, GDAs .The Nursing in-charges and the Infection Control Nurse felicitated the doctors after observing them perform hand hygiene.

The entire hospital staff of the patient care areas participated with much zeal and vigor for this activity . Around 400 golden hands were distributed among the healthcare workers observed to be compliant with hand hygiene. At the end of the fortnight, the staff who had received the maximum Golden hands by complying to the 5 moments of Hand Hygiene was identified to be crowned as the Hand Hygiene Hero of RBH.

Another fun filled activity launched at the second week of December 2017 was Paint My Glove using the finger paint methodology. The Infection Control Team conducted sessions for the Nursing staff and Housekeeping GDAs. Staff were asked to put on gloves and then few drops of finger paint were put on their hands.

The staff were asked to close their eyes and to wash their hands as they normally would for 20 seconds and then everyone was asked to open their eyes and look at all of the places on their gloves where there is no finger paint. This activity made them understand the areas likely to be missed if hand hygiene steps are not done properly. Staff enjoyed being able to see their mistakes on their own hands. This fun exercise really opened staffs’ eyes to how they can make improvements in their own hand hygiene practice.

In the mid of December 2017 a Hand Hygiene Photo Contest was initiated. All the hospital staffs were asked to put their creative minds at work and submit hand hygiene photos from their respective workplaces. A total of 27 entries of hand hygiene clicks were submitted by the various teams across the hospital. The Team ICCU were declared as winners and Team Noninvasive Cardiology were runners up.

In the third week of December 2017 a Hand Hygiene Poster Competition was conducted. There was active participation from the staff and beautifully designed hand hygiene posters were created by our artists conveying the importance of hand hygiene. Team physiotherapy were declared as the winners followed by Team Cathlab as runners up.

In the last week of Decemeber 2017, the hospital staff celebrated Christmas with the Hand Hygiene Santa and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree with gloves reinforcing the staff commitment to hand hygiene. Santa distributed sweets and candies along with gifts to the healthcare workers who answered the quiz questions on hand hygiene correctly. This activity was thoroughly enjoyed by all staff and a constant source of curiosity for the patients and attendants.

Another activity conducted in last week of December 2017 was the Hand Hygiene Game played by the nurses on tablet computers. This e-learning module was shared by Raman and Weil company to make the nursing staff note the 5 moments of hand hygiene through fun filled games with different tasks of their day to day routine.

A Hand Hygiene Message Board was placed at the staff cafeteria entrance where the staff were requested to write down their views on hand hygiene.
The culmination of the hand hygiene activities was in the form of awards and recognition ceremony in the town hall meeting in December end.
In the presence of Mr. Uttam Bose, Group CEO, the honors and prizes were distributed. He also unveiled two specially designed posters by the Infection Control Team with the hospital doctors (both medical and surgical teams) posing for the hand hygiene steps.

The surprise of the culmination ceremony was the Hand hygiene Dance Video conceptualized, choreographed and shot by infection control team.This dance video was released in the awards and recognition ceremony for the hospital staff viewing. This took lot of staff by surprise as this had been a sudden activity undertaken by the Infection control team where the entire Hospital – team-nursing, technicians, GDAs and even doctors had come forward to participate in the video and had shown their commitment for the Hand hygiene Movement at RBH.