Complicated Aortic surgery successfully conducted at RBH Jaipur

A 65 year old farmer from Sawar in the Ajmer district arrived at The CK Birla Group of Hospitals’ Rukmini Birla Hospital (RBH) in Jaipur with severe palpitation, breathlessness on exertion and easy fatigue. He had spent a year running from pillar to post trying to figure out his condition, his requirement for surgery and most importantly a centre where there were medical experts who could handle his case.

Most complicated aortic pathologies are passed on to doctors in other cities. But when the 65 year old patient came to RBH in Jaipur he found the answer to his problems. Dr Budhaditya Chakraborty, Senior Consultant and Cardiac Surgeon at RBH diagnosed him with three complications with his aorta. Tests showed that he had a dilated aortic root, a dilated ascending aortic arch and severe aortic regurgitation. The aorta at its highest dilation was at 6.8 cm. Dilation above 6 cms has a risk of rupturing. The patient needed to go to surgery as soon as possible. RBH, one of the only centres in Jaipur equipped to complicated aortic pathologies, immediately admitted the patient and preparations for surgery began.

On the operating table, in a procedure that lasted more than 7 hours, Dr Chakraborty and his team of world class medical experts, meticulously dealt with each issue. The Patient was first placed under complete circulatory arrest i.e. the patient’s body temperature was cooled to extremes lows and the blood was carefully drained out of his body. The circulation to the brain was simultaneously maintained. The team replaced the aortic root and the aortic arch.

Due to the age of the patient the team was unable to follow the normal medical route of using a mechanical replacement to the arch – as it would require the use of anticoagulants. Therefore a porcine aortic arch was obtained and placed in the patient.

The patient recovered from surgery and after a very short post-operative stay went back to a normal life.