An article on Cardiac Disease by  Dr. Sunil Beniwal

Many of our patients are surprised when they come to know that they have heart disease (coronary blockade). Many times, it become very difficult to answer all their questions in emergency situation, when they need treatment as early as possible. The thing important for us to understand is that the process of blockade and deposition of cholesterol in our coronary arteries starts very early in life, as early as in our first decade of life. Initial lesions formed by cholesterol deposition are known as fatty streaks.

These lesions usually remain asymptomatic till they start compromising blood flow to our heart or there is superimposed thrombus formation on these lesions. This usually occurs after 4th or 5th decade. No one can accurately tell that who is going to develop heart block, but the person who has more number of risk factors, has a high probability of developing heart blockade. Risk factors for developing heart blockade are Diabetes, Smoking, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, Family history, Obesity, Physical inactivity, Stress, Kidney disease etc.

Everyone should identify their risk factors in the 4th decade of life and try to control their risk factors as much as possible with either lifestyle interventions or medicines (if needed). No one can be 100% immune to heart blockade but chances of getting them can be significantly reduced by promptly identifying and controlling own risk factors. Regular Screening will reduce chances of future surprises.