50 Year Old Man Survives End Stage Liver Tumor Rapture

A large ruptured liver cancer has been successfully treated at CK Birla Hospitals RBH on a 50 year old male patient. The middle aged man from Sikar, Rajasthan was admitted at RBH with a large cancerous tumor in right lobe of liver which was 15cm by 20cm in size. His condition worsened as the tumor ruptured leading to 3 liters of bleeding inside his abdomen. This tumor was the secondary cancer from GIST, treated 6 years back.

Dr. Sundeep Jain, Director, GI & Liver and Pancreatic Surgery Department, CK Birla Hospital RBH, Jaipur, said, “The patient was in complete shock. He had a very low blood pressure. Immediately after his admission we resuscitated and stabilized him. Then, we operated on the right half of the liver where the tumor was resected by a complicated surgery. Undoubtedly, it was an extremely difficult case for many reasons. First of all, it was a large liver cancer and ruptured tumor at the same time. Due to massive blood loss from rupturethe patient needed emergency liver resection surgery.”

Liver cancer is growing in India with every passing year. A state of art hospital with expertise in treating and operating liver cancer needs to have a range of highly-skilled oncologist, radiologists, gastroenterologists and others, who can work together to probe and employ an array of treatments in a particular situation. In fact, liver surgery for cancer is a major operation which needs high clinical acumen and precision along with advanced line-up of treatment and post-operative care for complete recovery of a patient.

Dr. Sundeep Jain who has done more than 250 liver cancer operations with high success rate acknowledged this particular case as one of the rare conditions he had encountered so far. Dr. Jain headed a team of extremely proficient surgeons and nurses – Dr. Gaurishankar Sharma, Dr. Atul Purohit, Dr. Akhil Agarwal, Dr. Anjali Nigam, Mrs. Aleyamma and Mrs. Sajimol, for this case. With extensive treatment plan and compassionate care of doctors and nurses, the patient recovered steadily and within 12 days he was discharged in a stable condition.