Mr. Ruchir Sodhani

Mr. Ruchir Sodhani


RBH Department of Neurosciences

A GD (counselling) from Australia, Mr. Ruchir helps manage emotional distress. His areas of special interest include Mental Wellbeing, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Alcohol and other addictions. He has worked in similar situations earlier in Australia like Lifeline (Counselling), Crisis and Suicide Prevention Helpline (Crisis Support), Wesley Hospital (Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction) and Mission Australia (Mental Health Support).

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, circumstances challenge our ability to cope with life situations. We may feel stuck in intense emotions such as regret, sadness, hurt, guilt, confusion, pain, blame, addiction or anxiety. And nearly always, no matter what we are struggling with, it is accompanied by loneliness, social isolation, and feeling that we are not being understood. Often, talking to a professional counsellor can help us to explore options, find useful resources, and decide what we can do to feel better.

Mr. Ruchir helps clients manage a variety of issues ranging from emotional distress, depression, anxiety, anger, relationship problems, addiction, or just difficulty in coping with the situation. He believes that ‘sometimes we need a little help’ in rediscovering our confidence, calmness, wisdom and humour, and in managing our lives well.

Education & Fellowships

  • GD (Counselling), Australia
  • BE

Special Interests

  • Mental Wellbeing, Depression, Anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Alcohol and other addictions
  • Loss and Sadness

Previous Experience

  • Lifeline (Counselling), Australia
  • Crisis and Suicide Prevention Helpline (Crisis Support), Australia
  • Wesley Hospital (Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction), Australia
  • Mission Australia (Mental Health Support), Australia

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Counselling Association, ACA (Australia)
  • National Academy of Psychology, NAOP (India)