About Dr. Avinash Agarwal

An MD in Internal Medicine and Therapeutics from SMS Medical College, Jaipur and trained in Rheumatology at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, Dr. Agarwal has a rich experience of over 37 years in practicing Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. He has chaired several CMEs and Conferences on the subject at National and State Levels and has also been the Principal Investigator in Various Drug Trials in Rheumatology at International and National Level. Dr. Agarwal is a Fellow of the International Medical Sciences Academy.


  • MBBS: 1976
  • MD (Internal Medicine and Therapeutics): 1979
  • From SMS Medical College, Jaipur
  • Trained in Rheumatology at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai

Work & Experience

He has a total experience of over 37 years.