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Critical Care Medicine

Critical Care Medicine

The state-of- the-art critical organ support system and invasive monitoring for patients with critical illness symptoms like sepsis shock, respiratory compromise, altered sensonium, acute renal failure, lethal cardiac arrhythmias, and multiple organ dysfunction syndromes is unique to RBH. A system-by- system procedure of subjective and objective analysis, and plan for high dependency care patients is followed here. The nine IC Systems comprise the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract (and nutritional condition), haematology, microbiology (including sepsis status), peripheries (and skin), renal (and metabolic), and respiratory system. These are supported by proficient intensivists and advanced infrastructure.

  • Cubical ICU units
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Invasive hemodynamic monitoring
  • Syringe pumps, Feeding pump. Pneumatic compression devices
  • Invasive Mechanical Ventilators
  • Noninvasive Ventilators
  • Temperature controlled warming units (Bair Hugger)
  • Bedside recliner for patient mobilization
  • Crash Card with Defibrillator
  • Hemodiafiltration machine for acute renal failure
  • Coronary intensive care unit (CCU or sometimes CICU) for heart disease
  • Medical intensive care unit (MICU)
  • Surgical intensive care unit (SICU)
  • Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
  • Intensive Care and High Dependency Beds
  • Provision to ventilate children using Servo-I Ventilators
  • Multi-parameter monitors for Invasive and Non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring as well as CVP
  • Brochoscopy, bedside EEG, ECHO, Peritoneal and Haemodialysis, SLED

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A widespread inflammation caused when the body’s immune system works overtime to fight infection.

Infections like Pneumonia, Flu, Tropical diseases (Dengue/ Malaria), Abdominal/ urine infections/ Blood stream infections / Meningitis.

Children, elderly and people with weak immune system are at higher risk.

  • Fever/chills.
  • Palpitation/ Breathlessness
  • Wounds/cuts
  • Skin rashes / problems
  • Shock (cold clammy skin / low BP)
  • Drowsiness/ extreme weakness/ unconsciousness.

Sepsis can result in organ damage and in severe cases organ failure or even death.

Routine vaccination for infections and practicing good personal hygiene.

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