Success Story 1

The struggle of some of our patients and their families. All 4 attached pics is a story of grit, courage, patience on one hand and insecurity, anxiety, fear of loss of loved one on the other.

A boy was diagnosed with cancer of the liver called hepatoblastoma when he was just 5 months old. Once his diagnosis and stage were confirmed his parents were told that direct operation is not possible as the Tumor is very big. First, he needs to be given chemotherapy for a few months followed by an operation to remove the Tumor. Also, the risks involved in surgery were there due to reasons – small age of 11 months, bodyweight of just 7.5 kgs, post-chemotherapy status, and complicated liver surgery. He was operated, stayed in ICU for 2 days, given 100ml of blood and was discharged after 7 days of surgery.

This successful outcome was only possible due to 2 main reasons- will power and faith of his parents in me and my able and competent team (present in the above picture).

Success Story 2

The below picture is of an unfortunate boy who had stones in the gallbladder which got infected and perforated. He was admitted in emergency and we performed a laparoscopic operation to remove diseased gallbladder and pus.

Success Story 3

A boy got hit by a bull horn and got his liver injured very badly. He underwent a life-saving operation in his city and was then shifted to us in Jaipur for the 2nd operation where we removed the injured part of the liver which was causing bleeding and infection. He also underwent dialysis as his kidneys were not functioning due to infection.

Success Story 4

An elderly male patient presented to us with major problems in the stomach. For this, he underwent total of 2 surgeries by us and was discharged successfully. His hospital stay was long due to septicemia.

All these patients had an uneventful and successful outcome. Again, the credit goes to patient’s family faith in us and my committed team.

The messages here are-

  1. ABDOMINAL CANCER can occur in any age group. Awareness is the key to success
  2. Most complicated abdominal operations can be performed successfully at the extreme of ages as shown here

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Dr. Sundeep Jain
Dr. Sundeep Jain

Director - GI, GI Oncology, HPB, Bariatric & Minimal Invasive Surgery
Department of Gastro Sciences