Infection Control Nurse Training Programme (ICNP)

Infection Control – An action that applies to all healthcare workers and the biggest challenge too. The aim of infection control is to stabilize the most effective practices and form a phase of minimal infection.

In accordance with that we should have trained personnel to intervene such actions. To start up, the hospital has training programs for nurses who are already in the profile of ICNs or healthcare personnel who are willing to update themselves in infection control practices and who are willing to become one(ICN).

On that context CK Birla Hospitals RBH as the host conducted an Infection Control Training Programme by Aarohan Healthcare Services. ICNs and staff from other hospitals as well as RBH willingly participated and underwent the training of 8 days on Infection Control.

The training comprised of all the approaching aspects of infection control such as types, source or modes of infection, types of bacteria, methods of prevention. They also explained about surveillance, data collection, good practice checklist, implementation of the action plan, calculating rates of quality indicators and forming data in relation to that. Such training proves to be a light as a guide to the ICNs to have a positive and knowledgeable approach towards Infection Control.