Computers, mobile or cell phones are nowadays an integral part of modern telecommunications in every individual life. We won’t be able to fully understand the impacts and effects that these phones and devices have on us for years to come; we can already see that they are going to be a public health issue. The poor posture we adopt as we stare at our phones or computer’s increases the stress on the neck and can cause excessive wear and tear that may eventually require an operation to correct it. It may include pain, weakness, or numbness in the areas served by the affected nerve, which causes cervical radiculopathy.
Poor posture is when our spine is positioned in an unnatural position, in which the curves are emphasized and this results in the joints, muscles and vertebrae being in stressful positions.
The use of these devices influences our posture and body mechanics in unhealthy ways that contribute to neck, upper back, shoulder and arm pain. Furthermore, poor posture while sitting, standing and walking or in static position can lead to more than upper body pain and stiffness-poor posture affects other parts of the spine, such as the middle and low back.
Making good posture a habit can help prevent neck or back pain from developing along with related posture and biomechanical problems.
Good posture means that your head is in upright, your ears are in line with your shoulders, and your shoulder and shoulder blades are down and retracted.
Additionally, use your desktop or laptop, computer for extended work and make sure these devices are arranged ergonomically when you use a cell phone, instead of bending your head to look down at it, raise your phone. Eat healthy nutrient supplements and take frequent breaks from any sustained posture every 20-30minutes. Be aware of ergonomics risk factors. So, take proper precautions to prevent injuries. Report any symptoms immediately and seek medical and physiotherapy treatment.

Dr. Ayushi Mathur
Dr. Ayushi Mathur

Consultant - Ortho and Sports Therapy
Department of Physiotherapy