18 March, 2019

Infection Control Nurse Training Programme (ICNP)

Infection Control – An action that applies to all healthcare workers and the biggest challenge too. The aim of infection control is to stabilize the most effective practices and form a ...

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13 March, 2019

Top Ten tips for Better Health

The following tips will not only make you look better and feel better, but they will also keep you away from developing long-term serious health problems. Eat more, follow a small freq...

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28 February, 2019

Does your child eat mud or chalk?

Does he have unusual cravings like clay, limestone, salt or ice…… Well, he may be suffering from anaemia. Anaemia is decreased in oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. It is cause...

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03 May, 2018

Body Posture

Computers, mobile or cell phones are nowadays an integral part of modern telecommunications in every individual life. We won’t be able to fully understand the impacts and effects that t...

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