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Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery Over Traditional Surgical Methods

Laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimum invasive technique that is used in surgeries for better results. The technique uses a small tube that has a camera on one end; a small incision is made and the tube is inserted in the desired area that is to be operated. Further, the camera attached to the end of the tube directs the doctor in surgery without cutting the entire region. The doctor is able to look at all the tissues, nerves, and organs in a magnified view on a large monitor. This makes the entire procedure easy to operate with maximum precision.  This type of technique is highly used by doctors as it is beneficial for both the doctor and the patient. The recovery time for the patient is very low and the risk factors associated with the operation also decrease by a considerable amount.


Earlier, if for any type of surgery, the surgeon had to make a large cut (6-12 inches long) across the stomach and open it up. This used to cause a lot of bleeding, and it was very painful for the patient post-surgery. The stitches used to take at least a month to heal. But with the growing technology, the entire surgery is done in a very different manner. This type of surgery has revolutionized the field of medicine in many ways.

In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon first makes a small cut or incision on the part of the body that is required to be operated on. Sometimes more than one incision is made according to the need.  Further, carbon dioxide gas is induced through a trochar (narrow tube) into the abdomen for instance. This pushes the wall of the abdomen around the stomach and the doctor gets enough room to perform the operation.

The camera which is attached to the tube is then inserted via trochar that is further linked to the video monitor. The surgeon is clearly able to see the inside of the body in a magnified view on a large screen. It helps the doctor to see everything properly which was not possible before. This technique minimizes any risk of mistakes during the operation.

To perform the operation the surgeon also inserts clamps, scissors, and sutures through other trochars that are required during the surgery.  But in certain special cases, the surgical instrument through the same opening makes the surgery quite tricky. Only expert surgeons do it to avoid any more scaring. Our Best laparoscopic surgeons in Jaipur are well trained to perform such complicated procedures. After performing the surgery, the tubes are taken out, the wound is cleaned and the incision made is covered by stitching it together. Patients recover from the surgery fast and are able to return to their work in less time as compared to traditional methods of surgery.

Why is there a need for laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic surgeries are performed mainly for its specialty that is less scaring and deep magnification from inside.  In some cases, laparoscopic techniques are used to diagnose the problem when the test results do not provide any information.  Such tests include:

Ultrasound that uses high-frequency sound waves and with the help of it the image of the organ is created.

CT scan provides with a cross-sectional image of the body with the help of different X-rays of that body part from different angles.

MRI stands for Magnetic Imaging Resonance that uses magnets and radio waves that help to make images of the body.

Benefits o Laparoscopic surgery:

When we compare laparoscopic surgery with traditional surgeries, there are a lot of reasons why surgeons shifted to laparoscopic methods from old traditional ones.  Laparoscopic doctor in Jaipur makes sure that they use the non-invasive methods and techniques for the health and benefit of their patients.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

·         Smaller scars

·         Faster recovery

·         More reliable and accurate

·         Faster healing process

Procedures that can be performed laparoscopically:

·         Gastric surgeries

·         Surgery for obesity

·         Gall bladder removal ( laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

·         Colon surgery( laparoscopic fundoplication)

·         Gastric intestinal surgery

·         Gastric cancer surgery

·         Spleen surgery

Risk factors involved:

Every surgical procedure comes with some pros and cons. Some of the risk factors during laparoscopic surgery include:

  • Fever
  • Redness or swelling on the operated area.
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling of nausea
  • Pain
  • Blood clot
  • Nerve damage

We, at Rukmani Birla Hospital we have a team of specialized doctors that use latest technology for the benefit of our patients. Our doctors use laparoscopic techniques for better treatment and faster recovery of the patient.

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