A Rare IVC Tumor Surgery – Saving the Life of a Woman

42 years old woman from Jaipur was troubled with back pain for the last 3 months. Family members of the patient contacted Dr. Sundeep Jain, Director – GI, GI Oncology, HPB, Bariatric & Minimal Invasive Surgery, Department of Gastro Sciences, CK Birla Hospital RBH Jaipur, who successfully saved the woman’s life by operating.

Dr. Sundeep Jain told that the patient’s CT scan and CT angiogram showed an IVC leiyomyosaroma (tumor) which was involving (IVC inferior vena cava) and aorta. It was very difficult to take out this rare tumor because of presence of surrounding network of blood vessels. Dr. Sundeep Jain, took this tumor out along with IVC and reconstructed the new IVC. IVC works to bring the blood back to the heart from the stomach and lower abdomen.

Dr. Sundeep Jain also said that there was no blood loss to the patient in this surgery and in 10 days the woman was discharged from the hospital. The patient again scanned the CT scan, in which the IVC is normal and the patient is healthy. Dr. Atul Purohit and Dr. Gaurishankar also collaborated with Dr. Sundeep Jain in this operation.

Historical Facts: 
The first case of this tumor in the world was registered in 1871 in Germany. These tumors are of three types. There is an infra –renal type, the second supra Renal and the third supra-hepatic. Less than 400 cases have been registered in the world so far since 1871. There are only 2 to 3 cases of this type in the world every year. In the world around 42% of cases of supraRenal Type 2, have been recorded which was also found in this woman.

Clinical Features:
These tumors are found mostly in females. Common presentation is back ache. These types of tumors are quite complex, because it is necessary to save both kidney vessels and intestines, otherwise the patient may be at risk of life. Complete removal of these tumors is the only treatment. If the operation is not done on time, then there is possibility of the patient dying in few months.