The Department of Paediatrics at RBH aims to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents by recognising the needs of those between 0 and 17 years of age.

The Department provides children with easy access to the best of paediatric facilities and services. It blends clinical care with research-based knowledge to ensure that the stars of tomorrow continue to burn bright as ever.

The Department provides cutting edge technology and expertise through a plethora of paediatric services.

Intensive Care Facilities & Services

  • Intensive Care and High Dependency Beds
  • Provision to ventilate children using Servo-I Ventilators
  • Multi-parameter monitors for Invasive and Non-Invasive blood pressure monitoring as well as CVP
  • Brochoscopy, bedside EEG, ECHO, Peritoneal and Haemodialysis, SLED

NICU Facilities & Services

  • Intensive Care and Isolation Beds with provision to ventilate babies
  • Most advanced and sophisticated equipment for proper monitoring of neonates like warmers and incubators
  • Advanced LED Phototherapy Units, Bili blankets, IBP Monitoring, etc.
  • Management of Premature Neonates
  • Management of patients with Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Birth Asphyxia, Respiration Distress and other complicated diseases
  • Advanced procedures including High Frequency Ventilation, Invasive Monitoring and Exchange Transfusion
  • Cardiology Referral Services
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Developmental Follow-up

Speciality Doctors

Dr. Lalita Kanojiya
Dr. Lalita Kanojiya

Senior Consultant - Paediatric

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Dr. Vivek Gupta
Dr. Vivek Gupta

Consultant - Neonatology & Paediatric

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