08 May, 2017

Optic nerve fenestration – Old wine in a new bottle

Idiopathic Intra Cranial Hypertension (IIH) is a disorder of unknown aetiology that predominantly affects obese women of childbearing age. The primary problem is chronically elevated Intr...

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06 July, 2017

Innovation in armamentarium for Brain tumor surgery : Microscope-integrated fluorescent module

A 55 years old gentleman was admitted in Neurology with complaints of recurrent seizures, right sided paralysis and speech disturbance. He was operated for brain tumor (Glioma) in 1996 an...

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15 September, 2017

Cardiac Health: Common Myths & Facts

We commonly assume that cardiac disease will affect either a elderly neighbour or a food loving friend. These false assumptions can be dangerous to your heart, But you can boost your hear...

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